Day 1273 – Gaitan Personal Training – It’s Official, My Hubby Is A Business Owner!!

Ok, can I first just say….how cool is my hubby?


After two days of staying up until 3 a.m. (or later*), Bret has his web presence!!

Let me share a few quotes from his page (ha, talk about an easy blog day!)

“I love helping other people make positive changes in their lives. But there are so many trainers and programs out there, it might seem overwhelming deciding who to go with. Let me tell you, I might not be right for you. Come on a walking consultation with me and we can decide if I am right for you. It’s free, you get good conversation, a little exercise, and if I’m not right for you, I might be able to direct you to a trainer who is.”

“I love using practical training to help real people make real results. You don’t have to have experience working out and going to gyms. In fact, there is so much bad information out there, you might be better of not having experience in exercise and gyms. Have you noticed how trends in fitness constantly change? Let me tell you what hasn’t changed recently: the human body. Fitness should be achieved using practical and natural movements. I don’t care who you are, or what your experience and abilities are, I can find a way to work with you to help you lose fat, gain muscle, and just generally improve your health.”

A few of his qualifications and achievements…..which I’m glad I can share! My husband is a truly humble man and doesn’t like to “toot his own horn” but he is in amazing shape and has done some really cool things. So, HA! I can finally share!

  • “Cross-country (I have competed nationally multiple times and achieved All-American status)”
  • “Track and Field events (I have competed nationally multiple times and was a member of a relay team that broke a national record)”
  • “I continuously achieved the highest possible score in the Marine Corps’ physical Fitness test, and on multiple occasions received the award for having the highest physical fitness score of the units I served in.”

So, go check out all he’s doing!
His website
His Facebook Page
His Twitter Feed

* This has been a productive time for me too!! I’m writing this post at 3 a.m., thank you very much! So don’t forget about me! I’ve made a few tweaks to the Wedding Photography page.


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