Day 1272 – “As If Your Life Depended On It”

As you know, I’ve been doing a lot of looking back the past few months. What’s funny is the following came about because I was cleaning up my Facebook profile. I’m going to put it out there, I like to play to a few games….but I try to keep that hidden. At least, from others who really don’t care and don’t want to see that stuff on their newsfeeds. I have taken the steps to hide all my updates, at least I thought I had. Well, I noticed a few “updates” like….”Jennilyn did this on her game!” So, I hid those. Then I was looking back over the first few years I was on Facebook. I actually joined in the same month I shot my first wedding. I remember over the years, ah, I’m just going to get rid of Facebook and stick to MySpace…NO ONE is on Facebook! Ha, silly Jennilyn, bet you’re glad you stuck it out, eh?

Anyways, I randomly saw a note I had posted on June 8, 2007….that linked to a MySpace blog post…..oh yea, we’re going “old school” today! I reread it and it was actually a really good post! ::pats 2007 Jennilyn on the back:: Way to go past me!

I’ve cleaned up the post a bit….it was all in lower case! Ah, come one Jen! In 2018, I’ll probably look back and say, wow, why did you do a ton of these –> ….. I did use them in 2007, so at least that hasn’t changed so far.

Ok, talk about a ramble intro! Here is the original post. I really only cleaned up lower case words.

First, go read this article. It’s about the dude from 300 and his workout routine and what not…..this quote pretty much floored me….

“Either way, it’s the reason Butler enlisted the help of Mark Twight, a former world-class mountain climber who, based on personal experience, believes in training as if your life depends on it. In fact, Twight would argue that a good workout should make you feel almost queasy upon hearing what lies ahead.”

I want to live like that with my whole life, with every aspect…..that everything I do, I do and excel and move forward as if my life depended on it. And I guess in a way it does…..I need to do my photography work because it is additional income that pays off my bills that drag me down….I work out to increase my strength mentally and physically….I would die younger or whatever without it. It’s a really radical and awesome way to look at life. Look at everything. Even driving to work or talking to your friend. As if your life depended on it. Every second counts in life. Every second.

Well, do I sound the same? Have I grown? Should I stop using these? –> …..

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I took out 9 sets in the old entry.

And for your viewing pleasure, my old MySpace profile picture, thanks to Craig of Nilepoc Media! (Who eventually shot my wedding!)


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