Day 1149 – The Best Day We’ve Had So Far

Today was really the best day Bret and I have experienced so far. I mean, there have been a ton of good days, to be sure, but this was one of those….wow, this just gets better and better!

First, the sermon was AWESOME at church. It was on Luke 14:12-24 and the parable of the great banquet. There were a few things that really stuck out to me… first that Jesus is the master of the awkward moment. How he would ask questions that got to the heart of the matter and made people really uncomfortable. I mean, how comfortable are you with your sin? It doesn’t mean he’s trying to be a jerk and leave people in that uncomfortableness, it’s out of love to help us grow. It made me want to grow in making people uncomfortable like that.

Then we met up with Brian and Rebekah, our October 6th couple. We had lunch and then went to their venue, Deer Creek Overlook. We had so many awesome ideas for photographs and just had a super fun time getting to know each other.

After that, Bret and I headed down to Gunpowder Falls State Park – Big Gunpowder Falls Section off Bel Air Road. We’ll be taking engagement/family portraits for Kevin and Caitlin, our March 16th couple, there on Saturday.

The last location we scouted was Rocky Point Beach and Park in Essex. We’ll be taking engagement portraits for Jason and Jennifer, our April 13th couple, in a few weeks.

I will post pictures from each location over the next few days…mostly because I didn’t want to overwhelm you with so many pictures!!

We were driving home and at the end of Rocky Point Road and saw a sign for Island View Waterfront Cafe. I pointed it out in a “hey, look at that, isn’t that neat?” and he said, “let’s go!” We don’t really go out a lot, so I was SUPER excited about it!

We got seats outside and this was our view…

It was just perfect. But then the wind picked up and we felt a few drops…but hoped it would pass…sadly, it started to rain, so we moved inside and this was our view!

I ordered cream of crab soup and it was amazing! One thing I notice in cream of crab soup is if there are “flour clumps that you think are crab.” I think that’s the WORST feeling….you think you’re getting this awesome lump of crab meat and ew no!! There were NO flour clumps! The soup was the perfect amount of creamy, but not too thick. There was a lot of big pieces of crab. AND (this is truly the BEST part of this restaurant) along with the regular salt and pepper shakers…there were OLD BAY SHAKERS on EVERY table! AH! As soon as I finished the soup I wished I had ordered a bowl instead of a cup. Ah! I washed it all down with a Fat Tire.

My meal was a shrimp salad sandwich on a croissant with lettuce and tomato! I also ordered mashed potatoes instead of fries. Old Bay on top of that was just perfect!

Another highlight was seeing two families that arrived and left BY BOAT. How cool is that??

If you’re interested in checking them out (which you TOTALLY should), here’s the specials they had listed on the door outside…I know I’ll be going back for those $1 and $2 crabs!

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