Day 1150 – Wedding Venue – Deer Creek Overlook in Street Maryland

Today I wanted to share the pictures that we took at Deer Creek Overlook with Brian and Rebekah!

This is the gazebo on a really nice large field, they’ll be having their ceremony here. Starting to pray for a nice, non-rain kind of day already!

There are rocking chairs EVERYWHERE! They overlook the field!

You know you have a fun wedding couple when…..they play the hand slap game instead of practicing first look shots like their photographer asked them to! 😉

I’m thinking they didn’t take the first look test shot too seriously either….

Then we walked down to Deer Creek to see what we could find down there!

This is the “I don’t like getting my picture taken, I never know what to do with my hands, raptor hands” shot.

Then they tried to get away from us so we’d stop taking their picture. 🙂

Bret wasn’t too happy about this, so he photo bombed their picture.

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