Day 1148 – Guest Post – Bret’s Musings On Working With The Rebel Race

“My last post was about losing my job and being encouraged to start my own businesses and write a couple books. During this past month, I have had some really neat experiences, which I want to talk about.

I went to Texas for a few weeks working for Rebel Race. As I said in my last post, the work was tough, we worked every day, and sometimes all day. That experience was a blessing because I got to spend time with another entrepreneur, which meant I got to see lots of ways to run a business. I also learned some about construction, even if they were just obstacles, and got to see Texas and some of the rest of the states in between.

We drove to Texas in U-haul trucks. That was interesting because I had never driven a truck that long; I think it was like 35 feet. For the first couple hours I was by myself, going down lanes that were narrowed because of construction, with semi trucks getting a little closer than I was at first comfortable with. After stopping at a few hotels, and getting a flat tire, we eventually made it.

The race was set up in a little town about 20 minutes south of Dallas. I did get some time to see Texas. I got to get BBQ a couple times, and went to a local bar a couple times with the other guys I was working with. I also found a neat place to work out so that was a blessing. I also got bit by fire ants which was a first, saw some really weird spiders, and so many grasshoppers that I thought it was a plague. I didn’t see much of Dallas. It had way too many freeways and buildings for me so I wasn’t really comfortable there.

Probably the most notable experience of working with Rebel Race for the past few races has been getting to work with a range of people. In Maryland, I got to work with a man who was probably about 60 years old, rode his bicycle to the event, and slept under one of the canopies during the nights. After the last day of work, I offered to give him a ride, which he was thankful for. Through talking with him, I realized he was homeless, but he wouldn’t allow me to take him much further than Towson because he didn’t want me to go out of my way. But, I got to talk to him about God and being thankful in all circumstances, which I felt really uncomfortable doing knowing that I was going to be sleeping in a bed that night. But he was so thankful for the things I said. He started telling me about a number of bad circumstances in which he felt he had no other explanation for getting out of except that God had helped him. Really remarkable was that he started crying because he was so thankful for the things he had, which were pretty much a few clothes, a bike, and some work a few days a week. I couldn’t believe it; a homeless guy was so thankful for the things he had that he was crying. I reminded him that he already had the most important thing he ever needed. He told me that he was ashamed that he felt he had been thinking only about himself lately, but that he wanted to remember the ways that God had blessed him. I got to pray with him before he rode off, and I was just so humbled by that experience.
In my next post I will share an inspiring experience about not giving up. Until then, I hope that reading about these things will help some of you the way they have helped me.”


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