Day 738 – First Time at Mom’s Organic Market

Today we visited Mom’s Organic Market for the first time. You may remember we like organic foods. We typically will shop at Trader Joe’s or Wegman’s. Trader Joe’s has just a little bit better pricing, but the selection isn’t as amazing as Wegman’s. Well, about 80-90% of Mom’s is organic. I think I spent about 80-90% of my time there with my mouth hanging open at just how much organic food there was. Produce, meats, lunch meat, canned food, frozen food. It was seriously overwhelming. They even carried our groceries to the car! Even though there were two of us and only one bag, a jug of juice and a gallon of milk. We were blown away!!!

We will more than likely do most of our shopping here now. We got a few things (we had to put a price limit because it was SO tempting to get EVERYTHING!) including a few treats for me! This “energy drink” Brain Toniq, has no caffeine and a whole bunch of healthy stuff. Maybe not the best of ideas to drink it at 9:00 p.m…..but at least I’ll see how it works!

Also, who can resist Elmo and the Cookie Monster!

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About 365 days of marriage

I started this blog in April of 2011. At the time, Bret and I were wedding photographers and it was a way to share how marriage is more about the day to day and so much more than the wedding day itself. For about 5 years, I blogged about the joys and sorrows of the Christian walk, marriage, work, family and friends. I’ve blogged every day since a few weeks after I started. In May of 2015, we photographed our last wedding. Now, I have become passionate about simplicity, particularly in marriage, Christianity, business, travel and life. For a number of reasons, we have become minimalists. I’ve found that having simplicity makes life so much deeper, refreshing and joyful. I hope that this blog will help others see the benefits of living simply.

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