Day 737 – My Obsession with Pens

One thing you have to know about me (if you didn’t already) is that I love to collect pens. All types of pens. If I see one in a doctor’s office and it looks free, I take it. If someone goes on a trip, I ask for a pen (you can normally get them for free or cheap!) You cannot take me into Target anywhere near back to school. I am no good. Forget about it when that stuff goes on clearance. I still have notebooks I bought when I worked there….over 5 years ago. Though, we haven’t had to buy any supplies for Bret for college yet!

If I go to a bridal show, I swipe all the pens I can. Ok this only happened once, when I was invited to an open house and went as a guest and not a vendor…..that was weird by the way. Bret and I felt sooooo awkward! It was like we were lying or something. But I totally did a duck between and around a vendor to get a pen. I feel a little bad about that…but then I write with the pen, which is an amazing pen from a local florist…though, I can’t find it! Bret did an amazing job cleaning the apartment today….I guess too good if I can’t find the pen! When I find it, I’ll post the link!

My co-worker went to Paris last week and I was so excited to see if he would bring me one back! I was not disappointed!

The blue one lights up and has the Eiffel Tower in it. The second, yes, that’s a baguette shaped pen. I was so siked about that!

While we’re on the topic, I figured I would post most of my collection. I say most because I have stock piles of pens EVERYWHERE! Even after taking the pictures I found another ten. So! Here is most of my collection.

Then I decided to pull out a few of my favorites. Fuzzy pens. Fancy pens. Wood carved animal shaped pens. Clear pens with moving parts. Light up pens. Talking pens. Viagra pens (I forgot I had that one!) Pens from the US, UK and beyond!

I love looking at and playing with the clear pens with moving parts. They’re so old school and I have some from really cool places.

Now, you may be wondering…what is your favorite pen then?? I’m actually really easy to please. My absolute favorite pen is your every day….Bic Click.

Let me tell you, when I finally get pens for my business….I think my excitement will be just a little bit over the top!

6 thoughts on “Day 737 – My Obsession with Pens

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