Day 3464 – Dying Well

I finished reading my first book of 2019 on January 1st, Where The River Ends* (affiliate link, this means I’ll get a small percentage if you purchase the book). Man, what a way to start the year. It tells the story of a husband who takes his dying wife on a journey down a river. What I love about it is that so many say they shouldn’t make the trip, but it is what she wants to do.

Death is one of those things that’s taboo to talk about. It’s uncomfortable, it’s hard, but actually talking about and thinking about death is one of those “secrets” to a happier life. I’ve talked before about the multiple deaths I’ve walked through in my life. For the past 20 years, I’ve attended more funerals for my peers than my elders. Each death has changed me in significant and different ways. But the biggest lesson is that of embracing life, today.

Having a constant awareness of the end of my life, I can jump into my current life with joy, energy, and “this may be my last day, and I’m going to enjoy it.” It helps me live my life without regrets.

What really struck me with this book was the reminder that we have a choice in how we live and in how we die, but there will be folks who totally disagree with what we’re doing. So we need to fight for what we believe in and what we want out of life.

It was also a beautiful story about marriage. Charles Martin has become my new favorite author, hands down, primarily because of how he writes about marriage. So many of the books I’ve read are about a cheating spouse, an abusive spouse, a spouse who is tempted…recognizing this was much like my “wow, I’ve been reading a lot of dark, heavy books” when I read The Bookshop on the Corner* (affiliate link) by Jenny Colgan because it was so light and fun.

So friends, talk about the end of your life, recognize it is coming one day, and live with joy that you are here today because tomorrow is never promised.


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