Day 2589 – When A Lama Is Your Spirit Animal – Or – Review Of Virginia Safari Park

Last summer, we visited the Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, Virginia. It’s funny, whenever I’m struggling to think of what to blog about, I almost always stop at the pictures from the park. Specifically these photos.



I just love the colors and how it shows how much fun we had. Being able to feed the birds was such a great additional interactive thing.

So what is a drive-thru safari? Well, it’s pretty much what you’d think of if you went on an African safari, driving past wildlife in their environment….but you drive your OWN car through! We got to see so many different types of animals on our trip through. We got two buckets of feed and thanks to a friend’s recommendation, we held onto the buckets TIGHT! If you don’t, you’ll lose it. I did really well until near the end. Yep, they took it right out of my hands.

This is a great place to take kids of all ages, but make sure you keep the windows up if your kids get scared or don’t understand that animals can bite. I would say, near the end, we opted to keep our windows up most of the time because the animals got a little greedy.



The price is about $20 per person but there is SO much included with that. Not only do you have 180 acres of drive-thru wildlife to see, there is a petting zoo and a whole host of animals in cages to see. Another bonus is you can go through as many times as you want that day.

And as I mentioned, this lama is my spirit animal. Seriously, it’s like he stole my face.



Have you gone to Virginia Safari Park? Did you love it? Have you been to other drive-thru safaris like this?

Day 2499 – Hurry Up Summer!!

This summer, we will be on the road for another cross country trip to California! This time, we’ll be taking the northern route and I’m so excited!

Thinking about that trip is reminding me of one of my favorite trips so far….when we finally had money….went skydiving, parasailing and site seeing in like three days…AND visited the amazing Virginia Safari Park! I love these photos. 🙂



Day 2218 – Our Trip To Foamhenge, The Natural Bridge, Virginia Safari Park, Williamsburg and Ocean City Maryland

What does a road trip look for Bret and Jen? Oh just a little bit of crazy.


Our first stop was Foamhenge. It was SO flippin’ cool! It was off the highway with no signs. There was a gate and we lucked out on the second pass because someone else was parked there. FYI, I was able to search for it on Waze and Google maps. (Note from the future – this is now at a new location and is on private property, make sure you obey the hours on the website.)








After that, we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns (note – this link is good for the bridge, the caverns and the drama of creation). We made it just in time for the last tour. Turned out that it was only us in the tour, so we got a pretty good tour. We could ask a ton of questions (Has anyone ever fallen in this pool? How many flashlights do you carry? Have you ever had the lights go out?), it felt like we got a “behind the scenes” tour. Our tour guide was awesome.

And look, we got to see a mini Natural Bridge. 🙂



Next we made our way to the Natural Bridge. We found a big tree along the way, I mean, look at it!


There’s the Natural Bridge. It was absolutely amazing in person. The pictures do not do it justice.



We followed the path to the end where we were welcomed by a waterfall. There was also a cool Indian village that has interactive things…but we were too late for that. 😦


After that, we walked back to our car for dinner. We spent time reading and just hanging around the main building. There was a great indoor playground for kids in the main building too. Then we made our way back to the bridge for The Drama of Creation. Holy smokes, it was SO cool. I felt like I was watching a technicolor movie! The music felt that way too. It is worth the extra couple of bucks to come back.


The next day, we went to the Virgina Safari Park. We had friends tell us how cool it was, but we were not prepared! Again, the pictures don’t do it justice.




“Please sir, can I have some more?”





When you go, make sure you have the windows up if you’re not ready to feed the animals! They know what’s up and will take any means necessary to eat! They didn’t try to eat anything in our car, just stuck their heads in. We did start to keep our windows up if we weren’t ready.


Also, hold on to those buckets!


This is one of my favorite guys from the whole day!




And here’s Bret’s favorite guy. I mean, come on crazy eyes!







I love how the animals can just chill here! It really seems like they’re well taken care of. 🙂








Roadtrip tip – if it’s a shorter distance (i.e. one of you won’t be sleeping half the time) take a book like this! There were some great questions in here. Some were lame, but hey, nothing’s perfect.


We did a quick walk through of Williamsburg.



Instead of a hotel, we ended up camping at the KOA in Williamsburg. I HIGHLY recommend this campground, especially if you have a family. There were a ton of activities for everyone. Movies, tie dye, a pool…


And this AWESOME bouncey thingamobob!!!


We made a quick stop in Virginia Beach to see about parasailing and then headed up to Ocean City. I have never taken the bridge from Virginia Beach across the Bay, it was really cool! Bret had fun with panoramas while I drove. 🙂




We got to parasail in Ocean City and it was awesome! Made me want to skydive again!


Since we were in OC, we HAD to stop by our favorite AYCE crab place, On The Bay Seafood! Bret was a little excited.


All in all, a really great trip! I am so thankful for all of the sacrifices we’ve made over the years so we can do things like this now. For my friends going through the tough financial times, hold on, the sacrifices you make now will be worth it.



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