Day 3061 – How Much It Costs To Go To Ocean City, Maryland For Thanksgiving

I ran across a great deal for a hotel in Ocean City over Thanksgiving, and we decided to take the trip! I so glad we did, it was such a relaxing time, and there were so few people there. I didn’t realize it when booking the hotel, but we were within walking distance of a pretty highly rated Thanksgiving day buffet. It was surprisingly affordable to go to the beach for a few days, even during a holiday. Here is what we spent.

Hotel – Grand Hotel & Spa – 2 nights – $187.28 ($93.64 a night with taxes and fees), normally anywhere from $179-$249. Bonus tip for today and tomorrow, they’re having a 50% off sale for Cyber Monday. Make sure you click on View By Rate Offer in your search.
Gas – $18.25
Coffee – drive down – $1.79
Drinks for Bret – $17.43
Five Guys – drive down – $30.79
Bread and apple butter – $17.56
Aldi groceries – $19.27
Thanksgiving buffet at Ember’s – $63.10
Hardee’s – drive back – $5.30
Coffee and treats at hotel – $13.24

Total spent – $374.01

A few notes – we could have saved some money not going to Five Guys on the way down, but after sitting in traffic for 2 hours, we needed a treat. Oy, traffic was bad. Four hours to get to the beach, 2.5 hours to get back. Crazy. The bread and apple butter was a splurge a few days before we left. I had a sample of it and it was just so amazingly good, I HAD to get it! We probably could have walked to a Dunkin a few blocks away for coffee, and we didn’t need to get more specialty drinks, but our attitude was more – we’re here to relax and not run around. We had enough food to eat while we were down there. I do wish I had known how great of a deal Hardee’s had – I got two sandwiches, a cookie, fries, and a drink for 5 bucks. There’s a Hardee’s close to where we got Five Guys, so that would have saved us about $20. We could have done a different buffet, but I mean, how can you go wrong with one within walking distance? Next time, I will bring my own coffee and filters, in the off chance we have a full coffee pot like we did in our room. That would have saved a bit, and I would have had better coffee! Ha.

All in all, it was an amazing time. Neither of us worked, we just relaxed, watched TV (boy howdy, we do NOT miss TV), I read a whole book, and read some others. We watched the sunrise from the comfort of our room (which is such a better experience than waking up at 2 am to drive down). The buffet was delicious, and I totally over indulged on desserts.

Do you ever travel for Thanksgiving?


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