Day 3257 – January Letter Status – or – How Visualizing The Future Helps To Change It

I told y’all a little bit about my January Letter a while back and I wanted to give an update to show just how powerful this technique can be.

The short description of a January letter is that it’s something you write in January like it’s the end of that year. So I wrote mine on 1/1/18 (and 12/31/17) and it starts with “It’s December 31, 2018.” After that, I listed how the year was going to look “we’ve closed XX deals…I have read XX books…I met the Super Carlin Brothers…etc”

There were a few items (and still are) that I’m not sure if they will actually happen. First was seeing John Williams in concert. I heard he was touring and after my life-changing experience at the Hans Zimmer concert, I knew I had to make it happen. Unfortunately, it was something I kept putting off and the less expensive tickets were gone and the left-over tickets were going for $200-300+. While I do think seeing a film composer is an amazing experience, I didn’t want to spend that much (especially when that amount of money can do a lot better in our real estate business). Another item was “I saw Thrice twice.” A few weeks ago, we could have seen Thrice at a pretty epic festival, but it just didn’t work out. I then realized there was only one more tour date in the US this year. Ugh, well, at least we can go to that one! (It just so happens to be the day after our anniversary, woo hoo anniversary trip!) While a little disappointed I wouldn’t be able to tick that off, I was happy to see them once.

The John Williams Baltimore show is this Wednesday and has been on my calendar for months. A few days back, I thought, let me see if he’s playing a show somewhat nearby that would be a little more within our budget. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes!! The first location I checked was in Massachusetts….in August (before Bret goes back to school)….and is at a venue JUST like Merriweather (where we saw Hans)…AND it was under $30 each!

On the SAME day, I happened upon an announcement….Thrice is putting out a new album and doing a tour this fall!

While I’m not saying that these things will now happen because I wrote this letter. What struck me is that because I have been visualizing this, I look for opportunities to make them happen. How you see the world has a major impact on how your life plays out. If you’re looking for a job and think “there are no jobs out there” it will be much harder for you to find one. If you think “there are plenty of jobs for my specific skill set, there are people who need what I can offer” odds are, you’ll recognize opportunities right under your nose.

It’s been so exciting to see my letter come to life. One of the items – meet The Super Carlin Brothers, will happen in only a few days time! They’re hosting a viewing party of Incredibles 2 and a meet & greet after. I’ve watched so many of their videos and they bring joy to my days, so it will be an honor to meet them in person.

Have you written a January letter?


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