Day 3115 – A New Thing I’m Trying – Visualizing The Future

Between Bret and myself, we read a lot. We gain inspiration and ideas from a lot of places. One thing Bret recently did was create a vision for himself for the end of this year. It is full of tangible, and measurable goals. Inspired and encouraged by his, I created my own. I’ll share a few things I have for myself. Ha ha, obviously, this is not everything, as some things I don’t want to share publicly for various reasons. But these are definitely the highlights.

“It’s December 31, 2018…
We have finished a banner year, XXX in deals, I have published 2 new books…
I have helped Bret in many ways in our business and we are enjoying traveling freely, have six months in the emergency fund…
I have read 300 books…
I approached each day with child like joy…
every day was another opportunity to grow…
I ruthlessly said no to many, many things, so I could say “oh heck yea” (like Jenna Marbles) to the precious few…
I’ve even purchased a few Star Wars Lego sets…”

This was super fun to create and I have it hanging next to my desk and so I see it every day. I could be much better at actually reading and actually seeing myself doing those things. I have some measurable goals and some abstract, but it reflects MY life and where I want to be. It’s helpful in keeping me going on the rough days and encourages me to carry on.

Have you ever done something like this? Did it help?


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4 thoughts on “Day 3115 – A New Thing I’m Trying – Visualizing The Future

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