Day 3194 – New Boundaries – or – Time Management Tips

I am constantly trying to better myself and make my life more efficient. I try to pay attention to myself and how different things impact me. One area that I have struggled with is checking my work emails on the weekends and in the evenings……and first thing in the morning. I told myself it was because I was keeping up to date, but truly, I wasn’t going to actually work or do anything about what came through. So checking was distracting me from other things I could be doing – reading, hanging out with Bret, working on our business, or other projects.

Well friends, I had some major growth in this area over the weekend – I didn’t check my work emails AT ALL! From Friday evening at 5 p.m. until now, I haven’t checked my emails. I’m trying to be pretty strict about only doing client work during 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. each weekday. By giving myself work hours, it really does help me turn off work and the need to check. I have so many different things that I’m working on right now that I HAVE to have boundaries. 9-5 during the week is plenty of time to accomplish what I need to do. I did pretty well last week with my work hours, so I’m curious to see how this week goes, now that I’ve established this rule.

I think that creativity and productivity thrive with set rules, systems, and guidelines. (At least mine does)

What about you? What boundaries do you have in place?


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Day 2534 – A Few New Things We’re Trying This Trip – or – Cross Country Travel Tips

We’re on our way! I don’t think I’ll be able to update the blog as I go, so I’m scheduling a few posts! If you want real time updates, check out my Instagram feed and/or search for this hashtag on Instagram (and Facebook!) #mrandmrsgseatosea. I can’t wait to share stories from our trip!

So, a few things we’re doing differently this year:

– Renting a car. Our current car is well over 220,000 miles and we didn’t want to put over 7,000 miles on the poor old guy. Since Bret is a teacher, we got a 25% discount from Hertz. It worked out to be about $450. Bonus – we can put regular grade gas in it! We put mid-grade in ours, so it makes the total amount spent on gas a little lower.

– Packing healthy snacks. I cut up a bunch of veggies, put fruits in Tupperware, and I packed a few boiled eggs and pieces of meat. It filled up our ice chest and I’ll pack less on the way back. But I think we’ll be set on healthy snacks…at least for for the first few days.

– Packing materials for sandwiches. This also filled up my ice chest!

– Purchase a small, behind the seat ice chest. I got a great one for $20 at Big Lots! It fits really well!

– Not new, but worth repeating. I bought all of the snacks and drinks I thought we’d need. This saves SO much! We might be tempted to buy a fun, local snack food, but that’s about it. We also take reusable coffee mugs for coffee refills and hot water for cup of noodles or instant coffee.

– I planned both drives using This allows you to put in your A->B destinations and then will show you fun things within a set number of miles on your drive. I found a GIANT recreation of a painting and a marble making store. I never would have found them otherwise.

Can’t wait to let y’all know how it went!


Day 1462 – How To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Yesterday, we celebrated four years of marriage. It was such a great trip!! In an effort to help ya’ll plan YOUR anniversary celebration, I’ve put together a list to help you!

1. While you wait for your spouse to get off work, get in some work yourself!


2. Surprise your spouse with a present.

This brownie was only $2 and bought him lots of happiness!!!


3. Make sure you plan all of the details of your trip.

  • If your husband is working at a gym where he needs to lock up, make sure he has the right keys.
  • If he doesn’t, be prepared to drive all the way home to get them.
  • If you’re lucky enough to live with other people, see if they can meet you half way.
  • Give said person a great big hug! (THANKS MOM!!!!)
  • Give brownie to husband at this point, it will make his wait worth it.

4. Book a hotel near a cool restaurant, even if you don’t realize it until the day you leave.

Cheeseburger in Paradise, thank you very much!

5. Make sure you arrive at restaurant before they close!

We JUST made last call!


6. Enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant.


7. Get a good night sleep and get up early for free breakfast.

8. Visit local historical city.

We chose Philly. I mean, it’s only 2 hours away!

9. Pick fun places to stop by.

We chose Jim’s. After seeing the line at Jim’s, we went across the street to Lickety Split. Got a cheese steak there!

10. If your plans change, don’t worry, just get a beer. Who cares if it’s noon, it’s your anniversary!


11. Check out the history in local historical city.

We chose The Constitutional Walking tour. In theory, this was a great idea! You hit all the big historical spots. As we walked from Lickety Split, we passed the Liberty Bell…I haven’t seen that many people in line in a really long time. It had to have been at LEAST 300. We were like, um, yea, forget that! One day I will see that bell, one day!! We walked in a few other places nearby. Stopped by Christ Church. Neat little church.


We did get a nice shot of ourselves outside, sitting on a bench.


But let us show you how we REALLY felt about the lines.


If all else fails, try the City Tavern. I think this was one of my favorite parts of the day! It was so cool thinking about all the things that took place in that tavern. We met some cool travelers there (one couple was on their first anniversary trip, stopping by on a layover! And two ladies from Baltimore!) who took our picture.



12. If you’re lucky enough to have a 7 Eleven anniversary, make sure you get your free Slurpee!


13. Take a nap to rest up for the last stop and the drive home.


14. Meet some cool people.

Our last stop was Good Dog. Fun little bar! GREAT beer on tap too. The guy sitting next to Bret asked what he got to eat (truffled cheese steak empanadas) and they started chatting. Long story short, they offered us tickets to the Phillies/Nationals game! Said there were fireworks after as well! At first, we were going to go. Hey, free tickets and all! But after thinking about it realistically, it wasn’t a good decision. We’d gotten little sleep, had a 2 hour drive (and 30 minute subway ride) and Bret had to work very early in the morning. So we gave them back. Would’ve been fun….but I won’t lie, even though I’m not the biggest fan of baseball, I am still loyal to the O’s. I would’ve felt like I was cheating on them. We are SO glad we chose to come home!

15. Enjoy the natural beauty around you.

As we made our way home, the sky exploded into amazing colors. Perfect end to the day!