Day 2534 – A Few New Things We’re Trying This Trip – or – Cross Country Travel Tips

We’re on our way! I don’t think I’ll be able to update the blog as I go, so I’m scheduling a few posts! If you want real time updates, check out my Instagram feed and/or search for this hashtag on Instagram (and Facebook!) #mrandmrsgseatosea. I can’t wait to share stories from our trip!

So, a few things we’re doing differently this year:

– Renting a car. Our current car is well over 220,000 miles and we didn’t want to put over 7,000 miles on the poor old guy. Since Bret is a teacher, we got a 25% discount from Hertz. It worked out to be about $450. Bonus – we can put regular grade gas in it! We put mid-grade in ours, so it makes the total amount spent on gas a little lower.

– Packing healthy snacks. I cut up a bunch of veggies, put fruits in Tupperware, and I packed a few boiled eggs and pieces of meat. It filled up our ice chest and I’ll pack less on the way back. But I think we’ll be set on healthy snacks…at least for for the first few days.

– Packing materials for sandwiches. This also filled up my ice chest!

– Purchase a small, behind the seat ice chest. I got a great one for $20 at Big Lots! It fits really well!

– Not new, but worth repeating. I bought all of the snacks and drinks I thought we’d need. This saves SO much! We might be tempted to buy a fun, local snack food, but that’s about it. We also take reusable coffee mugs for coffee refills and hot water for cup of noodles or instant coffee.

– I planned both drives using This allows you to put in your A->B destinations and then will show you fun things within a set number of miles on your drive. I found a GIANT recreation of a painting and a marble making store. I never would have found them otherwise.

Can’t wait to let y’all know how it went!


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