Day 2623 – 10 Years Ago, Was My Last Day Working At Target…And The Day Before I Was Arrested

I realized earlier this year, that I was arrested 10 years ago (tomorrow to be exact). I’ve had that on my calendar to blog about (so check back tomorrow for my reflections on being arrested), but what I didn’t think about was how today was the anniversary of my last day at Target. Even though the hours were crazy, I loved the job and the people I met. I’m still friends with many of the people I worked with at Target. I photographed 13 of my 57 weddings because I either worked with one of the clients or they were referred because of another Target wedding. Almost 1/4 of my weddings! So even though the next day at 2 a.m., my life would change in so many ways, I had a great time with co-workers who are still very dear friends. Shout out to my Target friends!!






Day 2249 – Sometimes A Lame Job Can Lead To Long Friendships (And Clients!)

Ten and a half years ago, I was working at Target. It was a low paying, overworking job. I remember Christmas was just a day to sleep in and work like crazy before and after. But I can look back on that time and I realize I made a LOT of friends and met future clients there. These friends and clients led to more friends and clients.

I met the following clients at Target…






The following were referred to me by Target friends…









I was reminded of all of the connections I have through working at Target because we went to a party last night with someone I worked with. I’ve made lots of friends through those friends. Here’s a few fun shots from last night.






So if you’re in a job right now that doesn’t pay a lot or you just hate it. You may be making connections that will last over ten years AND meeting some new clients. Who knows, you might make friends with your co-worker’s friends too. 🙂

Day 934 – Bret’s Wedding Ring – Third Time is the Charm??

We have been married for 934 days. In that time, he has lost his ring twice. Funny enough, both times he lost the ring at my parents’ house (we think).

We stopped by Target for a few things last night and just before checkout…

Bret – Maybe we can find a ring, but I don’t want to spend more than ten bucks.
Me – Challenge accepted!

We look around a bit and I find one, he tries it on and ALMOST can’t get it off. We joke about him wearing it and having them scan his finger.

Me – HA! $9.99! I win! 🙂

Here is the product of our search.