Day 3344 – A Devotional For Every Day Of The Year – Streams In The Desert – Read A New Book Month Day 6

I’ve read Streams in the Desert* by L. B. Cowman several times and I always get something good out of it. It’s like most year devotionals in the format (focus on a verse/passage, talk about the verse) but what I find different than others I’ve read is that it is very real. It doesn’t give a fluffy, this Christian life stuff is easy and great, type of advice. It’s a devotional that touches on when what we want is delayed (or never achieved), or we’re weighed down with sadness and regret. Here’s a great snapshot from June 4:

The verse referenced for the day – “All that night the LORD drove the sea back. (Exodus 14:21)”

There may be a great work occurring in your life when things seems their darkest. You may see no evidence yet, but God is at work. God was just as much at work ‘all that night’ as He was the next day, when the Israelites finally saw the evidence. The next day simply revealed what God had done during the night.”

In all areas of my life, I’m all about getting to the meat and potatoes advice, the things that work on the root, and cutting out all the fluffy (when fluffy isn’t needed, of course, a look through my blog posts reveals I’m definitely fluffy in a lot of ways). If you’re looking for a devotional that meets you in the dark times, this is the one for you. My copies are both falling apart and have underlines and stars all over the place, a quick flip through shows pretty much on every page. These are well-loved books.


Streams in the Desert* by L. B. Cowman

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Day 1746 – Reading A Book To Death – or – Need A New Devotional?

One thing I’ve had on the back burner for a while is my book. It’s a huge task to write a book, sure, so I took any excuse to stop. I’ve been noticing recently that God has been nudging me to start it back up again. I think part of my hesitation was, well, I can’t write a book until I reach “SOME UNATTAINABLE GOAL THAT DOESN’T MATTER.” But then I realized the whole point of my book is that Christian business owners define success differently. So, I’m trying to follow His leading and get back on the horse.

To that end, I’m going through my most recent journal and I noted in one entry that a whole day was good in Streams in the Desert. So I grabbed one of my copies and thought about how many times I’ve read through it. And I noticed how pages were falling out, coffee stains were all over….BOTH of my copies! So take that as a big book review! If you’re looking for a new daily devotional, this one is fantastic! 🙂


Day 720 – A Big Announcement

No picture today, just an announcement!

Today I put in my notice at my day job! I will be a full time wedding and portrait photographer in just two short months! I cannot wait to do this full time! I don’t think it could have happened so soon if it wasn’t for the love and support of my dear husband Bret. He is an amazing business partner, photographer and friend. Ah. : )

What is also very significant about this day is Bret proposed 3 years ago today! When I realized this yesterday, it made me cry. I just felt so overwhelmed with the love of Christ…that He would give me a gift like that…the coolness of the quit date. (If you couldn’t tell by the blog, I’m into dates and days). When I was telling Bret about this fact, I said, “So three years ago, I made a major life decision, tomorrow I make another one.” (this is where I started to cry again!)

Later, I read this passage from Streams in the Desert. It pretty much sealed the deal.

My words…will come true at their proper time. Luke 1:20
What the Lord has said…will be accomplished! Luke 1:45

The Lord is sure to accomplish those things
A loving heart has waited long to see;
Those words will be fulfilled to which she clings,
Because her God has promised faithfully;
And, knowing Him, she ne’er can doubt His Word;
He speaks and it is done. The mighty Lord!
The Lord is sure to accomplish those things,
O burdened heart, rest ever in His care;
In quietness beneath his shadowing wings
Await the answer to your longing prayer.
When you have “cast your cars,” the heart then sings,
The Lord is sure to accomplish those things.
The Lord is sure to accomplish those things,
O tired heart, believe and wait and pray;
Peacefully, the evening chime still rings,
Though cloud and rain and storm have filled the day.
Faith pierces through the mist of doubt that bars
The coming night sometimes, and finds the stars.
The Lord is sure to accomplish those things,
O trusting heart, the Lord to you has told;
Let Faith and Hope arise, and lift their wings,
To soar toward the sunrise clouds of gold;
The doorways of the rosy dawn swing wide,
Revealing joys the darkness of night did hide.
Bessie Porter