Day 3413 – How A Song You’ve Heard Thousands Of Times Can Have A New Meaning

As I was running today, listening to Firebreather by Thrice (my running song of choice), I was struck by a new thought. Here are a few lines from the song, you can read the full lyrics here.

Tell me, Are you free
When the fear falls on you?
Tell me, Are you free
When the fear falls on you?

The song was written about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who spoke up about the injustices he saw in Nazi Germany. It has always resonated with me.

It has always been about someone who is killed for their belief. That belief has always been Christianity in my mind.

But this morning, as I was mid-run, it struck me that it can also be about speaking up about things that others shy away from for whatever reason. It brought me comfort to know that I rarely shy away from speaking up about things.

It gave me fresh encouragement to share that it’s OK to not drink, that you can have a full and wonderful and FUN life without alcohol.

That it’s ok to not have kids.

That it’s ok to sleep on the floor.

That it’s ok to not have furniture in the “normal” sense.

To shout from my little blog rooftop, that it’s ok if you are different from most of those around you. It’s ok if most people think you’re crazy. To remind you that there ARE others out there who think and feel like you do.

It may take time to find them, but I assure you, they are out there.


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