Day 3184 – Woooo Spring Break…All Four Days Of It…

Today is the first day of Bret’s spring break. I didn’t expect to do much “days off” celebrating, but Bret surprised me today by wanting to sleep in. Dudes, we slept until 7:30! It was positively luxurious! See, Bret has been getting up at 4 and I’m getting up roughly 5/5:30. So 7:30 is a BIG sleep in. It was so nice to not feel rushed this morning. Granted, my morning routine is, well, non-existent, but the have to’s are getting done. I have a feeling the next four days will all look like weekend days. I’m much less strict about my routines and to dos on the weekends….which is something I do want to work on, but I also want to give myself grace and self-love. I tell ya, letting go of what my days should look like, embracing what they ARE and working with that has been a game changer.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with Bret, watching some movies (side note, it looks like Ready Player One’s “partial nudity” is ok for us to watch, so I’m super excited and we’ll likely see it this weekend), seeing friends, and honestly, working our butts off on our business. It’s been so much fun getting into a groove with working together again, playing to our strengths and sharing the workload. I’m excited to see what this year holds for us because it has been SO good so far and we’re only 1/4 of the way through. Wooo!

I will say, it will look a little like this….


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