Day 2636 – My Life Changed One Year and 364 Days Ago – or – The Last Time I Drank

When I blogged about the time I was arrested 10 years ago, I didn’t share that September is Recovery Month. I had NO idea this was even a thing until a few weeks ago. I wanted to share a few thoughts on an important day 2 years ago today.

Two years ago:
– I was drinking my very last drink…er….5 drinks.
– I was watching a show, which I would have to watch again the next day because I was so intoxicated I didn’t remember everything.
– I thought I needed to drink to have fun/escape/forget.

Two years ago tomorrow:
– Was the last time I would wake up hungover.
– Was the time I FINALLY took my alcoholism seriously, admit I really did have a problem and accept that I could never drink again.
– I experienced the start of one of the biggest transformations of my life. I am SO thankful God completely changed my heart with drinking. When people ask about how I stopped, it was all God. He put the desire to stop drinking in my heart, He gave me the strength to not drink again, He continually gives me strength to say no.