Day 2931 – I Am SOOOOO Not Perfect – or – How Goofing Off For Five Hours Taught Me A Lot About Myself

I did a little experiment yesterday – I tracked every single minute of my day. Looking at my final numbers, I realized that I need to split a few categories. I had a fun category, and I logged time playing video games, or resting, or watching videos. But, here’s the awful part, I realized that I spent 5 hours of my day on fun. What a waste of my day! I didn’t want to, I REALLLLLLLY didn’t want to, but I told Bret. Oy, not easy. But here’s the cool thing, we ended up having a really great conversation about it last night, and into the morning (lol, going to be a tired day today!) It made me remember days after I had a ton to drink, and the embarrassment of telling Bret. It made me think I was just the pits. But, today, I can look at what I experienced yesterday, and be honest with myself. I can look at those numbers that are telling the truth, not glossing over what I think really happened, and make changes. When I feel the pull of video games and wanting to just goof off and have fun, I can remind myself how quickly it can add up.

One thing that came out of our conversation was about enjoying the journey, not always looking to the next thing, but appreciating where you are. Looking back on how far you’ve come is a really great exercise too. We found ourselves talking about how far we’ve come just in our diet. Oh man, it used to be BADDDDDDDD. Regularly having cases of soda in our fridge, hot dogs, and ramen noodles. Now that is the rarity and not the norm.

I’m not sure how long I’ll track my time to this degree, or how late in the day I’ll track. There is a level of wanting freedom of time, but then again, won’t it be that much more sweeter and “well deserved” if I know I’ve put in X hours “at the office” that I can spend X hours reading fiction and playing video games?

What about you, have you tracked your time like this? Did you find things out about yourself you didn’t want to admit?


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Day 2622 – I Totally Missed A Day!

So I’ve been blogging for a long time. I realized I was getting close to 2000 posts, my current count is 1969. It hit me though, that I’ve probably already passed that. See, when a former couple gets divorced :(, I remove their blog posts and page off my website. So if you see gaps in my old posts, that’s why. Well, yesterday, I was checking my stats and noticed I had a “backreader.” I can tell when someone is “flipping though” by the days they read. It was then that I realized I completely and totally ignored last Thursday. I have NO idea why. I was working at home. I still had my printed to do list (I just ran out of ink so I have NO printed listed this week! Eeek!) Yea, NO idea. So if you were waiting for a post, I’m so sorry!

Here’s how I reacted!