Day 2622 – I Totally Missed A Day!

So I’ve been blogging for a long time. I realized I was getting close to 2000 posts, my current count is 1969. It hit me though, that I’ve probably already passed that. See, when a former couple gets divorced :(, I remove their blog posts and page off my website. So if you see gaps in my old posts, that’s why. Well, yesterday, I was checking my stats and noticed I had a “backreader.” I can tell when someone is “flipping though” by the days they read. It was then that I realized I completely and totally ignored last Thursday. I have NO idea why. I was working at home. I still had my printed to do list (I just ran out of ink so I have NO printed listed this week! Eeek!) Yea, NO idea. So if you were waiting for a post, I’m so sorry!

Here’s how I reacted!


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