Day 3224 – How To Celebrate When You’re A Recovered Alcoholic

I have been sober for 3.61 years, 1318 days, but I still have struggles about some aspects of sobriety. One thing that I loved about drinking was celebrating. Having a cold beer on a warm day, enjoying wine on a porch, or champagne for big celebrations. There is a feeling of “missing out” on these things. I definitely have “I wish I didn’t have a problem with this, because I would love to drink this or that in this moment.”

I understand this is my choice to not drink. I understand I miss out on things because of it. I understand I’m in the minority. So when there are companies that put out quality non-alcoholic drinks, I feel seen, cared for, and appreciated.

Last week, I made a big commitment to myself and a new project. I am so proud of myself and wanted to celebrate. I went to a local grocery store, and happened upon their non-alcoholic drinks. I have to say, the Fre company is really on point with their drinks. They happened to have a Brut Sparkling alcohol removed wine/champagne.

Because someone, somewhere, thought of a person like me, in a unique situation, I was able to pop the cork, and drink the bubbly. What’s even better is that it’s lasted a few days, so even now, it’s fizzy….as I drink it out of the bottle.

Sober friends, have you ever had any of these drinks?


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