Day 3175 – Way Back Wednesday – Behind The Scenes: Murphy Wedding – repost

I had every intention of posting something else today (I thought I hit 500 books read on Goodreads and I logged in to get my profile link only to realize I was off by two books, doh!), and I got hit with a cold (again….come on Maryland with your crazy weather). So you’re getting something I posted five years ago today. We had such fun working as wedding photographers. It is an amazing part of our story as a couple and as business owners. There are aspects that I miss, like all the new people we got to meet and work with, the great food, and the behind the scenes photos. 🙂 Enjoy this little walk down memory lane.

originally posted 3/21/15

As I’ve been editing the Murphy wedding, I’ve found a few fun behind the scenes pictures.

So here is what you get when you hire us…

We’ll be focused…


We’ll be smiling just as much as you…


We’ll give you advice…


We’ll laugh at your jokes…


We’ll take nice ring shots…


We’ll keep your parents company at dinner…


We’ll Bret will show you his awesome dance moves…


We’ll point out any obstacles when you throw the bouquet and garter…


We’ll smile as much as your guests…


And every so often, we’ll sneak loving peeks at each other… 🙂



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Day 1908 – Adventures Cleaning A House Of Eight

Today I spent most of the day catching up on some cleaning in the house. I tell you this not to toot my own horn, but because some funny stuff happened and I wanted to share.

First, the whole experience was a little like Forrest Gump….i.e. When I finished one room, I figured, well, I went this far, might as well go to the next room. This continued for quite a while. 🙂

Second, I wore headphones to listen to music while I worked. I was vacuuming a room while home alone. So obviously, I was rocking out and dancing while I worked. This continued for about 2 minutes until I looked up towards the adjacent room and saw my dad. I jumped about a foot off the floor and did a little scream.

Third, while stooping down to pick up trash, the vacuum attacked me. I swear, he hit me right in the head. Dang vacuum.

Oh, and this happened….there are far too many fun things in this house.