Day 1908 – Adventures Cleaning A House Of Eight

Today I spent most of the day catching up on some cleaning in the house. I tell you this not to toot my own horn, but because some funny stuff happened and I wanted to share.

First, the whole experience was a little like Forrest Gump….i.e. When I finished one room, I figured, well, I went this far, might as well go to the next room. This continued for quite a while. 🙂

Second, I wore headphones to listen to music while I worked. I was vacuuming a room while home alone. So obviously, I was rocking out and dancing while I worked. This continued for about 2 minutes until I looked up towards the adjacent room and saw my dad. I jumped about a foot off the floor and did a little scream.

Third, while stooping down to pick up trash, the vacuum attacked me. I swear, he hit me right in the head. Dang vacuum.

Oh, and this happened….there are far too many fun things in this house.


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