Day 2736 – Me, Darth Maul And A Friend Who Thought I Was Crazy

Three years ago today, I went to Disneyland with our dear friend Crystal. I wanted to reshare a hilarious encounter…

After the teacups….Crystal said I had to see this Jedi training thing….ok, cool! I love Star Wars. It’s training for kids 4-12…so after a few minutes, I’m like, eh, I’m ok if we move on. Crystal said, oh….you don’t want to see Darth Vader? At this point my mouth was hanging open and I quickly said, OH! Nevermind!!!

Then this happened….





And this happened….


At this point I screamed in a “I’m seeing some pop star and screaming like a girl”…..”THAT’S DARTH MAUL!!!! HE’S MY FAVORITE!!!!”

I tried to get some pictures, but he was too far away….so I’m like, I gotta go get a closer shot!!!

I did…


I later found out that my friend thought I was going to run out and interrupt the show….heh heh, nahhhhhh. 🙂


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