Day 2736 – Me, Darth Maul And A Friend Who Thought I Was Crazy

Three years ago today, I went to Disneyland with our dear friend Crystal. I wanted to reshare a hilarious encounter…

After the teacups….Crystal said I had to see this Jedi training thing….ok, cool! I love Star Wars. It’s training for kids 4-12…so after a few minutes, I’m like, eh, I’m ok if we move on. Crystal said, oh….you don’t want to see Darth Vader? At this point my mouth was hanging open and I quickly said, OH! Nevermind!!!

Then this happened….





And this happened….


At this point I screamed in a “I’m seeing some pop star and screaming like a girl”…..”THAT’S DARTH MAUL!!!! HE’S MY FAVORITE!!!!”

I tried to get some pictures, but he was too far away….so I’m like, I gotta go get a closer shot!!!

I did…


I later found out that my friend thought I was going to run out and interrupt the show….heh heh, nahhhhhh. 🙂


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Day 1965 – They Still Call Us Crazy….

Well, Bret didn’t have get to make snow angels. Ah well, I’m sure he’ll have ample opportunity this Winter. Bwahahhaahahhaha!

We went to my aunt’s for our Thanksgiving meal and it was a great time to catch up and relax. We were chatting about my cousin’s job (he works at Best Buy) and he told us the security guard STILL talks about us and call us his crazy cousins. I can live with that. 🙂