Day 2989 – Mini Date Night

It seems most people aren’t fans of the state/city they grow up in. They want to “get away” and go somewhere cool, fresh, and not what they’ve experienced in their hometown. Me? I LOVE my state! I’ve lived in Maryland all of my 35 years, and I’m still surprised by the cool things here. While it has been the source of debates and sadness, has a ton of areas that need some love, and even a job I HATED, like sucked my soul dry hated; I love Baltimore. We headed into the city to have dinner with our very dear friend, Mara Glazer. She’s been living out of state, so when she’s in town, we try to make it a priority to see her. As we drove into the city, it was just beautiful. There were amazing clouds in almost a 360 area. The sunset light against some grey skies made the city shine. The Raven’s stadium was especially striking. No photos driving in though.

We arrived early, and took the time to walk around and have a mini date. We ended up sitting on a stoop and watching the sunset. Across the way, we saw a sign for Insomnia Cookies. I notice this place every time we come down to the area, but never stop in. Last night, we did. Oh my goodness, we were missing out! We practically inhaled our cookies walking to the water and enjoying the breeze.

I even talked Bret into a selfie! I mean, how could he refuse when it was the extremely rare occurrence of my hair down!

It was a fantastic evening with old friends and new friends and all around great conversation.

Ah Baltimore, you may be imperfect, but I love ya.


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