Day 2611 – A Full Night Of Movies (Including GOONIES!) At Bengies – Maryland’s Only Drive-In

Tonight we are SO excited to FINALLY make it to the Dusk to Dawn event at Bengie’s Drive-in! Here’s what’s showing!

Pete’s Dragon, Star Trek Beyond, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Goonies. Nerve is also playing, but we’ll be taking off since it has nudity. 😦 But hey, four movies is probably going to be plenty!

I’m SOOOOOOOO excited to see Goonies on the big screen!

(old photo, obviously)

Day 2198 – First Trip To Bengie’s Of The Summer – Maryland’s Only Drive-In

If you need something fun to do with your family and friends in Maryland, you gotta check out Bengie’s Drive-In. Not only is it the last drive-in in Maryland, it’s also the biggest movie screen in the country!

If you haven’t been before, please make sure you take some time to read their rules online. They’re cash only and have a number of rules that help to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable. The staff is good at making sure the rules are enforced. Case in point – Bret was in the driver seat and causally put his foot on the break before the movie…within a few minutes, a staff member came over to ask him to stop. It is really distracting to have lights on. I’ll admit, the first time I went, I thought, WOW, there are a lot of rules and signs posted about them! But after going and hearing The Voice, it all made sense. The rules are there to make sure everyone has a good time, so I’m GLAD they have them! We have had a great time every time. So don’t be scared when you see the rules! 🙂

Another reason you should check out Bengie’s is it’s a small business. I think it’s important to support them!

If you needed more reason, check this out….you can see at least 2 movies for $10 a person. That’s a steal. Even if you only stay for one movie, that’s still cheaper than a theater. The snacks are really affordable too. We spent about $20 throughout the night and we got – a medium soda, nachos, a soft pretzel, two extra sides of nacho cheese, two waters, cotton candy and a large coffee. Next time we need to try their burgers…which are around $4!

So, go to Bengie’s tonight or tomorrow night! Check out Ant-Man and Inside Out. Both are great films at a great location.


Day 1814 – Bengies Drive In Date

Tonight, after Bret got home from work, he asked me out on a date! It was so last minute, but I’m so glad he did! Summer Bret has been awesome! This has been the first summer in the memory of our marriage where we’ve had a REAL summer. Most of the time, he’ll finish school and jump right into working a million hours.

Anyways, we saw Maleficent and the new Transformers. Both movies were really really awesome! We sat in the back of the truck to watch. What a blast! If you are in Maryland, you gotta check out Bengies in Middle River!