Day 3252 – Drive-In Movie Day!!

Wooo hooo for a super fun day! Bret and I love visiting the drive-in and it has been far too long since we’ve caught a movie at Bengie’s. The dusk to dawn show (an annual tradition over Memorial Day weekend) was a really great lineup this year! All Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars movies. Haha, but we had JUST recently watched all of the movies, so we decided to skip it this year.

Do you have a drive-in near you? Do you go often?


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Day 2611 – A Full Night Of Movies (Including GOONIES!) At Bengies – Maryland’s Only Drive-In

Tonight we are SO excited to FINALLY make it to the Dusk to Dawn event at Bengie’s Drive-in! Here’s what’s showing!

Pete’s Dragon, Star Trek Beyond, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Goonies. Nerve is also playing, but we’ll be taking off since it has nudity. 😦 But hey, four movies is probably going to be plenty!

I’m SOOOOOOOO excited to see Goonies on the big screen!

(old photo, obviously)

Day 2198 – First Trip To Bengie’s Of The Summer – Maryland’s Only Drive-In

If you need something fun to do with your family and friends in Maryland, you gotta check out Bengie’s Drive-In. Not only is it the last drive-in in Maryland, it’s also the biggest movie screen in the country!

If you haven’t been before, please make sure you take some time to read their rules online. They’re cash only and have a number of rules that help to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable. The staff is good at making sure the rules are enforced. Case in point – Bret was in the driver seat and causally put his foot on the break before the movie…within a few minutes, a staff member came over to ask him to stop. It is really distracting to have lights on. I’ll admit, the first time I went, I thought, WOW, there are a lot of rules and signs posted about them! But after going and hearing The Voice, it all made sense. The rules are there to make sure everyone has a good time, so I’m GLAD they have them! We have had a great time every time. So don’t be scared when you see the rules! 🙂

Another reason you should check out Bengie’s is it’s a small business. I think it’s important to support them!

If you needed more reason, check this out….you can see at least 2 movies for $10 a person. That’s a steal. Even if you only stay for one movie, that’s still cheaper than a theater. The snacks are really affordable too. We spent about $20 throughout the night and we got – a medium soda, nachos, a soft pretzel, two extra sides of nacho cheese, two waters, cotton candy and a large coffee. Next time we need to try their burgers…which are around $4!

So, go to Bengie’s tonight or tomorrow night! Check out Ant-Man and Inside Out. Both are great films at a great location.


Day 1814 – Bengies Drive In Date

Tonight, after Bret got home from work, he asked me out on a date! It was so last minute, but I’m so glad he did! Summer Bret has been awesome! This has been the first summer in the memory of our marriage where we’ve had a REAL summer. Most of the time, he’ll finish school and jump right into working a million hours.

Anyways, we saw Maleficent and the new Transformers. Both movies were really really awesome! We sat in the back of the truck to watch. What a blast! If you are in Maryland, you gotta check out Bengies in Middle River!