Day 3185 – It’s Never Too Late For Your Dreams To Come True

There’s one thing that really bothers me. When people don’t pursue their dreams. I really hate excuses. (Totally talking to myself here too.) I hear it all the time in these phrases…

“it must be nice”
“I’ve always wanted to do that”
“I’ll never”
“it’s too late”
“I should have”

For a number of reasons and because of a number of experiences, I live pretty much every day of my life as if it was my last. I have no regrets. I have pursued things. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they don’t.

I’ve started to have really big dreams and goals. Some I’m actively working towards, some of them are down the line. But I’ve started to actually believe they are possible. I’m moving past the fear of writing them down and putting them out there. I have things like meeting Oprah (I’ve met Stedman, so I’m only one degree of separation away there!) and Tim Ferris. Doing Yoga with Adriene. Being a New York Times best seller. To be a millionaire. To meet YouTubers I’ve followed for years. (One of those is actually coming true in less than 3 months! AH!) To live on the water.

I think one of the biggest hurdles is just believing it’s possible. Getting rid of your excuses and actually doing the thing.

Bret and I had a conversation the other night after hearing a statistic – people watch an average of five hours of TV….a day. A DAY?!?! I said, how many people could start businesses in those five hours? How many books could be read in those five hours?

This morning, I read an article and watched a video about someone who had what seemed like an impossible dream, that actually come true. It was such a great reminder that it IS possible to achieve your dreams.

So friends, keep dreaming. Keep pushing after your dreams. Every person who had a dream doubted it at some point. Every one of them started from scratch. Every super successful person is just another person. Just like you.


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Day 953 – I Have Arrived – All of My Dreams Materialized

I’ve shared before the story of a bride who wanted a print of a whole bunch of wedding rings before….read it now if you haven’t yet!

This bride, her husband and all of their friends have become very dear to Bret and I. They have invited us into their lives….to the point that we were invited to Jimmy’s 30th surprise birthday (groom on the bottom left)! It was such an honor.

I finally got to see the wedding wall! I didn’t have my camera, because I didn’t think we’d make the surprise on time, but I recreated what the wall looks like! (not totally to scale though!)

My vision for my business is life long relationships and investing in the marriages of my clients. I love photographing their weddings. I love being able to record their wonderful moments. But I think what I love even more is creating those relationships.

To see a wall of people that I have grown to love. a LARGE image of all of our rings (all 4 couples) and to know that my vision means just as much to these couples is more than I could even dream of.

In all senses of the word, I am the luckiest.