Day 2634 – Don’t Be Sad Over Spilled….Chocolate?

A few days ago, I was a little sad. Bret had just arrived home and I was telling him about my day and how I was sad. I had rallied and was a little less blue when he got home. We then remembered we had some chocolate treats. As I pulled out the tray, he said “I hope you don’t have any more reasons to be sad.”


While he was saying that and I was pulling out the tray….I realized the tray was upside down….and there were now chocolates on the floor. We laughed SO hard as this happened!


Day 937 – Knicknacks From Previous Jobs and My Chocolate Says Sweet Things

I was about to pour my cup of coffee into a boring black coffee mug and saw a fun mug….I have a few fun mugs….it’s really hard for me to NOT buy more! Ah, I love fun stuff. Mugs, pens, toys. I’m actually surprised at how little I’ve spent on things like that over the last 937 days (note the connection). But I’ve realized those things aren’t vital to my “collection of stuff.” Anyways! So, I pulled out this mug….

This came from my job at the University of Maryland. It was left in an office of a former employee and I took it as my own. I can’t remember now if I actually asked him if I could keep it (I think I talked to him after he left….) but! it’s one of my favorite mugs! Love it! It’s not a good “reheat” mug….coffee goes EVERYWHERE….which you know I have experience with…anyways. It got me to thinking….what items have you “taken” from previous jobs? And why?

I was then sitting down to write this blog and I noticed a chocolate wrapper I had opened last night and saved. It’s just so darn sweet. (pun somewhat intended)

I pray that I can laugh that much every day. Recently, my little heart cup has been running over. It’s making a mess all over the apartment, but I don’t mind. 😉

Day 936 – God Cares About Us, Even in the Small Things

I have now been a full-time wedding photographer for just about 5 months. It’s been quite a ride so far. I’ve learned so much about myself and my business. But I think the greatest thing I’ve learned is just how much God loves me. I’m reminded of the “normal stuff” like Christ dying for my sins and giving me new life. But last night, I was very moved by how He cares down to extremely small details.

The day we were in Target looking for Bret’s ring, he was also looking at the chocolate. I was of the mind of, eh, well, that’s a bit more than I’d like to spend…so we didn’t get any.

Then, last night, I was at my small group bible study through my church. Our current leader is actually the new head pastor of our church, which is so cool to me. I ended up hanging around for a little while after and just chatted about life and everything with my pastor and his wife. I had grabbed one little dark chocolate (Dove no less) candy for Bret. When my pastor’s wife noticed, she made me take another 7 pieces. It didn’t hit me until later how awesome that was. On the outside, it looks like someone being nice and giving something away. But deep down, to me, it is God showing that He sees even the smallest need want. What love! I find I’m crying for joy a lot more these days. 🙂