Day 3215 – Childlike Joy – or – A New Movie Watching Experience

One of the things in my January letter is “I approached each day with childlike joy.” What I’m learning about the whole January letter process and experience is how some things are a slow burn, and others happen pretty quickly. Listening to myself read it each day helps me to visualize the different things I’ve written. I haven’t been experiencing childlike joy each day, but the letter reminds me that I want to.

I really enjoyed Avengers Infinity War and even though I saw it on Thursday, I wanted to see it again. I’ve been watching videos about it, reading theories, getting comics related to a certain character, etc. I love immersing myself into something like this. Much like trying to find tickets on Thursday, it was hard to find some yesterday. I could have waited and gone again during the week, but I wanted to focus on work. So I knew it made sense to see it on the weekend.

I ended up finding what I thought was a decent seat, but it was a DBOX seat. I had never seen a movie in DBOX but figured if any movie was worth it, this one was. Basically, DBOX is an experience where your chair moves with the action. When I arrived and found my seat, I discovered it was a little closer to the screen than I’d like, but it wasn’t too bad.

Oh friends, I LOVED watching it in DBOX. I highly recommend you try it out. I spent a good deal of the movie with a big grin on my face and mouth open in sheer joy. The first time it moved was during a preview for Jurassic World. So. Flippin. Cool.

While past Jen would’ve been like, oh man, I can’t spent all this money, I can’t take this much time away from work, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. But current Jen is growing in how she experiences the world, and is trying to stay away from feeling guilty about things. So, I drove with the window down in our new car, with Thrice pumping through the speakers, enjoying the beautiful day. I drank in the experience. There are things I want in my life and being able to go to the movies regularly is one of them.

I hope you can experience childlike joy today. If you let it, it can change your life.


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