Day 2539 – Road Trip Part 1 – Baltimore to Philly to PA to Chicago

On Friday, we started the first leg of our journey across the country. Our first stop was a concert in Philly with friends. This drive should only take about an hour and a half without traffic, that day, it took us about 3 hours. Oy. I was not happy.


So, after a rough start, we decided to give up driving all together. Thanks to our friends, we got to quit….at least for a few hours. 🙂


Then we rocked out to our favs – Thrice. What a great show! Both of us were in the pit most of the show.


But then I decided to move to the front. Dudes, it’s more intense up there than the pit! But I got some great photos!


It was a really cool venue!!


After the show, we drove back to our friends’ house. Ok, these two are some of our favorite people. Kenny and Naomi have been instrumental in our relationship and marriage. They are never afraid to ask hard questions and be encouraging. AND they are very hospitable! These two cut up mangoes and heated up chili at ONE in the morning…AFTER letting us take showers. It was a great start to our trip! We love you guys!!


We drove through the night, both of us drove and got a chance to sleep a bit. We were pretty energized the next morning!


Ok, well, I was at least. 🙂

Then we stopped for breakfast/lunch near the other side of PA. I’m really glad we did sandwiches in the cooler! It was a great way to save money, an easy fix and quite delicious.


We made it to Chicago in the evening on Saturday. There were lots of fun things to see!






We, of course, had to have a deep dish pizza in Chicago!


On our way to the car, we saw this outdoor concert! Pretty nifty!



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