Day 2572 – Goodies From Our Road Trip!

In an effort to save money during our earlier road trips, we didn’t buy many/any souvenirs. This trip, we decided to splurge a little. I had the idea to get magnets, since they would be useful for a long time. I feel the same way about pens. I think we got some pretty good stuff this trip!

The shirt was WAY more than I’d ever normally spend on a shirt, but it was Jenny Lake and my namesake, so I had to. Bret actually got a hat here too. It’s not pictured because it’s current in California or en route home. 🙂 Anyways, that shirt is now one of my favorites and I will definitely get my money’s worth.

The corn palace pen is also a super fun find. I love that it’s like an ear of corn. The Bear Country pen is fun too, but they both rank high because of the smooth writing. Ahhhh, so important in a pen.

The magnet on the left was a perfect find, I think. It has the Badlands, Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Mesas, a buffalo AND prairie dogs! lol, it’s a solid magnet too!

The last magnet, on the right, has quite the tale. This was a Jenny Lake purchase and I looked for a good 20 minutes for a good magnet. I finally settled on this and added it to the loot of the trip. While in California, I realized I couldn’t find it. I was pretty disappointed. Even after re-packing for the trip home, I still didn’t find it. As I was unpacking at home, I was growing more and more convinced that it was lost. Each bag was emptied and put away, still nothing. When I had just about given up, I found it. It was the very last item in the very last bag I unpacked. Ahhhh, yes. 🙂 Happy camper, right here.


Day 2540 – Road Trip Part 2 – Minnesota to The Corn Palace To South Dakota To The Badlands

On Sunday morning, Bret woke me up to this.


A few hours later, we made it to the Corn Palace in South Dakota.




South Dakota as a state is really beautiful to drive through!



We stopped at a little western town, but it cost to go into the town itself. We did however grab coffee in the train car restaurant! So cool!



Our next stop was The Badlands. Oh what a beautiful place!