Day 3367 – Read My Books! – Read A New Book Month Day 29 (And Four Years As Sober Jennilyn!)

I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest my own books this month. As an aside, today is my FOUR-year soberversary! If God hadn’t changed my life four years ago, I don’t know if I would be able to say I published two books.

Being sober has changed so much of my life and I’m so thankful that reading more and writing more is included in that list. I have found my voice through this blog and my books. YOU my readers, have in many ways changed my life. Your interest in my alcoholism has encouraged me to pursue writing a book about my experiences. Your blog views have meant the world to me.

My first book, Trusting God With 2 Cents: 22 Days To Becoming A Successful Christian Business Owner, was quite a journey. I learned so much about myself, writing, and what God has to say about work while writing. It started in one place (very much about ME and MY experiences) and ended in a completely different (very much what GOD says about work, and very little about me).

I always said that I would consider that book a success if just one person was impacted. If you check out the link above, you’ll see a wonderful review. That book is a success to me.

Earlier that year, 2016, we took our fourth cross-country road trip. That trip changed me in so many ways. The biggest was my love of road trips was rekindled and my desire to share the joy of more travel was set ablaze.

The worst thing I hear is “I’ve always wanted to do that, but….” I want to grab folks and say, that’s just not true! I started my journey in sharing my knowledge about road trip travel in my second book, Planning an Epic Road Trip on any Budget. I also started my road trip community on Facebook.

I definitely see that book as a success as well because of the folks who have made changes in their travel lives because of it. I’ve loved growing with my community and sharing the joys of planning for and taking trips. If you want some help planning a road trip, come join us!

Even if you haven’t (and aren’t planning on) buying/reading one of my books, you showing up here on my blog means so much to me. I’ve blogged before about wanting to stop some days, but it is you, my dear readers, who help me to carry on. You are a part of my growth as an author and a blogger. Thank you.

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