Day 3329 – Making Adjustments To My Work Day – or – Bret’s Going Back To His Day Job Today

Today, Bret goes back to work at his day job. While there is some sadness because I’ve loved having him around all day and I’ve enjoyed how much easier it is to share a car, I’m also really excited. We’re making some changes to our real estate investing business and we’ve spent the past few weeks gearing up for those changes. A few of them include me stepping up, growing, and helping more in the business. If you had told me I would be stepping up and growing in the way that I am even six months ago, I would have told you – “No way! I’ll NEVER do that!” Which, is funny, because I try not to say never or always about anything. There are absolutely no guarantees in life and I don’t want to live like there are (well, outside of death and taxes). What I’m seeing is how different experiences have prepared me for these changes. From doing a similar thing for one of my clients to getting to be a part of a meeting with some folks we ultimately got to help in our real estate business.

I think when you start to focus on how your experiences are helping you, growing you, serving you, changing you, preparing you, it changes your outlook on life. If you’re calling each hard thing that comes up in your life as a challenge and not a hard thing, it makes it easier. For example, we’re calling this season of our lives “Investathon” because in a lot of ways, it’s like what I imagine training for a marathon is like. We found for a while we were calling this time things like “the apocalypse”, “the crazy time,” and saying things like “it’s going to be so busy!” Since we both read a lot about mindset and growth, we knew this was a terrible way to talk about it. The language you use to describe your life is huge.

When we talk about this season now, using a word like Investathon brings to mind a reminder that this isn’t a one and done thing. This isn’t a fit it all in quickly thing. This is something we have to show up consistently for, every single day. It’s a reminder that we’re creating a new way of life for ourselves. It’s a reminder that life is what you make it. I wanted to call this something different and I did.

I can’t wait to share how our Investathon goes and how I grow in the process.

Have you ever changed the name of something that made it better….or worse?

For fun, here’s me trying to be just like Bret! They do say the longer you’re married, the more you look like your spouse! 😀


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