Day 3302 – My Amazon Affiliate Experiences And Book Sales (How Many Books Have I Sold?) – repost

This post was one of my most popular this year and I wanted to reshare for folks who may be interested in how many books I’ve sold and my experiences with being an Amazon Affiliate.

originally posted 1/5/18

I don’t know if I’ll ever be an “educator about making money on a blog.” While I love making passive income, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be in a place to teach others about it. I’m much more passionate about road trips, organization, and personal growth. But, one thing that I think helps when you teach anything to others is brutal honesty about the journey. And I’m sure y’all are wondering how much I make from asking you to click on links to Amazon or how many books I’ve sold.

This month, I received a deposit from Amazon in the amount of pennies and I thought, you know what, I gotta blog about this. I also wanted to talk a little more about what the Amazon affiliate program is and my experiences.

When you click on a link I share (and there ARE affiliate links in this post), whether it’s for a book or a product, and you choose to purchase it or something else on Amazon within 24 hours, I receive a percentage. Think of it like a commission. It’s a small percentage, and that depends on a few things, but typically it’s very small. Ha ha, judging by my deposit this month, I hope that shares just how small.

I’ll never forget that first day I made a sale (even if it was a friend), and received like $.40. Waking up to my first deposit was great as well. For years, I wanted to make money when I the slept, and it finally happened. All told, I’ve made over $200 passively through Amazon Affiliate program. I have loved using this program and getting a little something for sharing recommendations totally fits my personality type. I love sharing things that have changed my life with others in the hopes that it will change their life too.

Now my books. I get lots of questions in person like – “How are your books doing? How many have you sold?” I just added up my current totals through then end of 2017 and I have sold 34 books. Two of those were purchases I made, so I could have copies of my books. Even though there are times I think, wow, that’s not THAT many, I remind myself that it’s still 32 people who were interested in and curious about what I had to say. And I know at least one person was changed because of what I wrote (see the review of Trusting God With 2 Cents: 22 Days To Becoming A Successful Christian Business Owner (this is an affiliate link, lol). I was so moved and encouraged by that review, I have it printed out in multiple places. I did sell four of those 34 in December (which is always fun to see!) Hopefully this means there are folks hoping to take a road trip this year, if that’s you, kudos! Taking a road trip will change your life, even if it’s something you’ve done before. Every road trip has changed me in some way.

What about you? Have you sold books on Amazon? Have you had experience with the affiliate program? What do you think about clicking on links? Haha, I have heard of people purposefully not using the affiliate link but still purchasing the item. 😀 I’m so aware of affiliate marketing, that it’s hard to know what someone who isn’t thinks about it.

Oh, and fun fact – I submitted my book, Planning an Epic Road Trip on any Budget (also an affiliate link) one day, ordered it that same day, paid an expedited shipping fee, and received it….the NEXT day. My how the publishing world has changed.


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1 thought on “Day 3302 – My Amazon Affiliate Experiences And Book Sales (How Many Books Have I Sold?) – repost

  1. I looked at my Amazon Affiliate account last night and a smile spread across my face when I saw that I had accrued a whopping $3.92 over the last few months. And I’ve sold 38 copies of my books, which blows my mind! Passive income takes a lot of work, but it does pay off over time!

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