Day 3301 – Don’t Negate The Small Shifts In Your Life

As Bret and I are gearing up for what will be one of the busier seasons of our life, we are thinking about ways to trim things in our days and maximize the things that will have the biggest impacts. It reminds me of this book (which is an affiliate link, see my disclosures page for more info on what that means):

Dream Big, Think Small: Living an Extraordinary Life One Day at a Time by Jeff Manion. One of the biggest lessons in the book is that small steps each day really add up. It was and is a good reminder that even the tiniest of shifts or changes can impact your whole life.

A big example in recent memory is how Bret changed a question he asked of me. It used to be “are you working like your worth XXXX (very small amount of income) or XXXX (a reasonable amount of income)?” I would always respond that I was working like I made more. A few months ago, he shifted the question to “Do you feel like your worth a reasonable amount of income?” It was in that moment that I realized, no, I don’t. For a myriad of reasons, I haven’t felt worth in myself. After realizing this, I’ve been putting in the work to feel worthy to make more, to charge more, to do more. Just that tiny shift has changed my life. In doing the work to see my worthiness in my work, I took a leap and started a new business which included making a large investment in training (which you can read more about here), and changing a few things in my life.

Another big example in my life is in my running practice. For years, I struggled with running. I know that I love to run. I know that I can run. But every training program I did fell apart. I realized that it was because each plan was just too fast for me. I’m a major overachiever and when Bret suggested starting very small, like, running around the block, I thought it was just too small. But after a few more “this plan doesn’t work for me” I decided to finally try. My goal has been to run three times a week. I started in October/November at .25 miles. So so so hard for this lady to do so little. But I did it, and while I fell out of the practice until about April, I’ve been better in the months since. I increase my distance by 10% after about 4-5 runs. It has been so helpful in building up my endurance and muscles. I’m happy to say yesterday, I ran my fastest speed…ever. At least since I’ve tracked on my running app. I ran in the rain, splashed in puddles, and ran fast. While I’m “only” up to .37 miles, I’m running regularly and increasing my distance.

Never negate the small shifts in your life.

For a real life example, check out this photo. Just by shifting a few degrees, a better picture was achieved.


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