Day 3212 – Learning From Past Mistakes – or – Avengers Infinity War Thoughts (No Spoilers)

This morning, I overslept about three hours. It brought back memories of when I would sleep in because I was sleeping off a hangover. I would emerge into my day feeling SO far behind, and I really was. Sometimes I think what my life would be like if I never struggled with alcoholism. Would I have been more successful in photography? Would I have written more books? Would I have gotten out of debt faster? Would I have been in debt at all?

I was thinking about this as I had my first cup of coffee, I thought about how this morning I wasn’t sleeping off a hangover. I didn’t “oversleep” normal people wake up times. To me, sleeping until 8 a.m. is WAY oversleeping. (I seriously love getting up at five) But I am so thankful that the reason for my sleeping in was not alcohol, but a movie.

Yesterday, I realized I HAD to see Avengers Infinity War that day. I watch a ton of theory videos on YouTube, so my feed is full of channels that could potentially spoil the movie for me. That and I read some tweets after the press screening and one in particular was along the lines of “go in as spoiler free as you can.” Having seen it, I definitely agree. It is quite an experience and you want to have that as fresh of a slate as you can get. It was epic in its scope and very gratifying. My review? Go see it. 🙂

Typically with a movie like this (Marvel or Star Wars, etc), I like to see it the first time in 2D to really process what I’m seeing. Then I’ll watch theory videos, maybe read some books, and go back to experience it in 3D. Unfortunately for my brain, the only tickets I could find…and I searched every showtime at seven theaters until I finally found good seats….were in 3D. While if I had fully thought things through, I would have expected this, but I walked out of the theater with a migraine. So. Much. Data. Brain. Full.

So, I let myself sleep in this morning.

I am still processing the movie and surely will for a while.

So what was the past mistake? It was seeing a big movie without Bret the first time. In mid December, I saw The Last Jedi by myself and Bret waited until after Christmas to watch it in California. What followed was me watching videos with headphones in and making comments like “I cannot wait to talk to you about this!!!” That was a tortuous few weeks.

I mentioned to Bret yesterday that I really wanted to go. We talked about just me going or Bret coming along if I found good tickets. When I finally found some, he agreed to go. Later, he told me the main reason was so that we could talk about it. Even if we waited to watch it together today or tomorrow, I would still be in that position of knowing what he did not. I have to say, I really enjoyed experiencing it with Bret.

So go see it, learn from your past mistakes, and please, please, please, don’t spoil it for anyone! 😀

(note, this is from Black Panther, lol, I was too excited to take pictures last night).


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