Day 3154 – What Would I Change Or How I Would Do Things Differently If I Could Go Back In Time

I’ve read a few books recently about time travel and the ramifications of changing the past. During our coffee date this morning Bret and I talked about some of the ramifications of the characters and what they changed or didn’t change. It got me thinking about my past and what I would change.

There are lots of things I think about and how my life would be different if I said yes instead of no or vice versa.

What if I got a ride home the night I was arrested?

What if I didn’t date multiple guys that were way wrong for me?

What if I said no to meeting some guy who lived in California and was getting deployed to Iraq?

What if I knew and accepted that I had a drinking problem sooner?

What if I had actually charged what I was worth as a wedding photographer and raised my rates accordingly slowly over time?

What if I had never started this blog?

But all of those thoughts and conversations lead to the same place and thought – I would not change a thing about my past. Every decision lead to me being who I am today. Every mistake lead to the person I am now. While it can sometimes be hard to live with the consequences of my actions and decisions, I can look back and see how everything fits leading up to this point and I would not be the same without it. I would not value the things that I value if it were not for what I’ve walked through.

What about you? Would you change anything if you could go back in time?


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