Day 3101 – Life And Business Change – Letting Go And Being Ok With Slow Progress

I’m a big dreamer. At any given time, I probably have 5-10 “that would be SO cool” ideas, jobs, or books floating around. Right now, I have at least 8. But, thankfully, a few things have changed my mindset about dreams recently.

I love learning, all the time. I have pages and pages and pages (and photos and typed documents) of notes from conferences, webinars, YouTube videos, books I’ve read, and more. I felt a tremendous pressure to get these notes typed up and/or organized into my Asana so I could quickly access them. I recently read/heard/watched (seriously, I intake so much information all the time, I can’t remember….lol, maybe if I had a system….) something about how just the act of taking notes or journaling and then never looking at it again is good. The act of writing something down helps your brain to remember. I also read something about ideas, that if it’s good, it will stick. Just mentally letting go of “catching up” with my notes has given me so much relief.

I have some great ideas for Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. I know I have SO much content I can share. I’ve taken so many adventures, seen so many great places, and had many life changing experiences. I’ve learned lessons and have knowledge about a lot of things. It’s easy to get caught up in looking at other content creators and thinking “wow, they post every day” or “look at the editing and graphics in this video!” or “this image looks perfect!” and feel woefully behind. In a lot of ways, I had to let go of all of this and decide on what’s the most important, and that’s this blog and my Facebook group. Those are my “personal projects” definite to dos. I am still working through my old blog posts to add links, remove links, clean up text, and use posts for Pinterest, but I don’t have the pressure of getting it done by a certain time. That feeling has been freeing.

I am embracing my voice. This is something that I hear over and over – just be yourself – and I’m taking it to heart with the blog. I can see and feel a difference in my posts since we got back from California. I am unabashedly me, and that’s what I want to share. Going through my blog, I noticed I did a few quizzes about “what do you want to read?” and while it’s important to write things your audience wants to hear, I think it’s also important to be authentic and genuine and honest. Just like things change in a marriage over the years, so this blog will change over the years. What will I be writing about next year? Who knows, but I’m going to keep at it.

So while I would LOVE to get back into making our YouTube videos, and I would love to be marketing my books more, and I would love to have a super active social media presence, I am going to take my advice about being a minimalist and ruthlessly say no to the bad/good/great to make room for the oh “heck yea.”

Here’s one of my favorite “oh heck yea” places, Clearwater Beach, Florida.


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