Day 3050 – Blogging For Six And A Half Years – or – Almost Half A Million Words Written

Six and a half years of writing every day. Six and a half years of sharing stories about marriage, travel, business, wedding photography, silly things, serious things, my alcoholism, grief, joy, minimalism, etc. It has been a wonderful, humbling, amazing, slow journey. The other day, I did a little math, and realized I’ve written almost half a million words. It’s hard to say the exact number because there are a few Bret guest posts, there are some days I only share a photo, there are some days I write really long posts. But I did the following calculation – 6.5 x 365 = 2372.5 posts/days x 200 words (figured that’s a good average) = 474,500 words. People with sometimes say, “wow! You blog EVERY day? How do you do it??” Honestly, it’s just become a habit. It’s one of those things that I automatically do. Some days are harder to write than others. Some days aren’t my best work. Some days I’m lazy. But it is a habit in my life, and one of the longest kept habits I’ve ever had. After reading Dream Big, Think Small (*Amazon Affiliate Link – because I truly believe in this book) by Jeff Manion, my whole mindset about achieving my goals and dreams completely changed. Before I used to think, there’s no way I could do XYZ, it will take forever to do! But after I read the book, I realized, wait, if I do a little bit of something every day, it builds up to something big. I only have to look at my blog to see a HUGE thing I’ve done. Here’s the thing, in some ways, I don’t think the blog is a big deal, because it’s just something I do. But when I take a step back, and see what it has amassed, what it totals up to, I am just in awe. Just me showing up every day has lead to something I’m very proud of. Rereading my posts (less than 1000 to go! Eeep!) has shown me how much potential rough content I have for other things – more ebooks, digital products, etc. It’s shown me I don’t need to reinvent the wheel when creating things.

I sit here, on the verge of tears with gratitude….for YOU, my dear faithful readers. Thank you for allowing me to take part of your day. Thank you for coming back. Thank you encouraging me to keep going through your views, likes, comments, and shares. Here’s to another 6.5 years, or more. Happy anniversary friends!!!

And here’s to my first photo on the blog.


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