Day 3049 – I Love To Write Day

When I saw this fun day pop up, I thought, “wow, that is SO true oh me now!” As a kid and young adult, I liked to write. I think at one point I did want to be a writer when I grew up. But like many things in life, it got pushed to the side as a “you can’t do that as a job” type thing. I still got the nagging thought that I needed to write a book. What that book would be about changed over the years, but the feeling wouldn’t go away. While it took me about three years to finally finish and publish my first book, I don’t regret the process. It changed me in so many ways. The second book was much easier, since it was a more practical topic, and I wrote and published in less than six months. My third book has been a lot harder, in some ways even more than my first book (digging into your struggles as an alcoholic and sharing that with the world wasn’t something I’d choose to do). And yet, I am still enjoying the process. I am still enjoying writing every day. I’m so thankful that I finally listened to that part of myself that needed to get words out to the world.

So a very happy I Love To Write Day to you!


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