Day 3016 – Krispy Kreme Trip – or – How To Read A GPS Correctly – or – Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

My life is a delicate balance of fitting in a zillion different things. I’m essentially helping three other people build their businesses, I’m writing my third book, I’m building my online presence, I’m brainstorming digital product ideas, I’m moderating a Facebook road trip travel group, I’m attempting to read 300 books this year (maybe even more), oh, and you know, running a household with cleaning, wash, making food, paying the bills, and taking care of myself. Thankfully I’m growing in the “don’t be so hard on yourself” area of life. There are days when I know there is nothing more I can do.

One place that Bret and I love beyond words is Krispy Kreme. There is absolutely nothing like a hot glazed doughnut melting in your mouth. I have been dreaming about Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a while now. The only locations that are close to us are 30+ minutes away. I worked in Annapolis yesterday, had a drop off to do, then had to pick up Bret. Traffic was starting to build as I was leaving, and I hit a few bad spots. So after my delivery, I thought, ok, let’s see if stopping by Krispy Kreme would add a lot of time or not. I checked several times on my GPS, and I SWEAR it looked like I would arrive at the same time whether I went directly to Bret or if I got doughnuts and then got Bret. The obvious choice was to get doughnuts. So I popped in the address, started up my book (Reading People by Anne Bogel – dudes, I can’t wait to tell you about this book!), and made my way to Krispy Kreme. As I drove through the beautiful countryside, I realized I was getting pretty tired. So upon ordering, I got myself a coffee. I put everything in car, took a potty break, and hit the road.

When I put Bret’s work into my GPS, my arrival time was like 40 minutes later. I thought, wait, what? I thought it would be about the same time??? I did take a few minutes to make my order, hit the bathroom, and did a facetime with Bret to share eating my second doughnut (oh yea, I inhaled one before I called. Have I mentioned how much I love Krispy Kreme?). MAYBE all of that added up to 20 minutes, or did it mean that I misread my GPS….several times? I’m guessing that in my tired state, I didn’t read it correctly.

There are lots of factors that can mess up your arrival time – rain, traffic, other drivers, a stop light that doesn’t have a turn signal on a busy street, cars trying to get through an intersection and getting stuck because the light changes (all of which happened yesterday). But one that is oft overlooked is the tired driver who can’t math. At the end of the very long day though, we had doughnuts that made our hearts happy.


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