Day 2818 – When I Put Down The Book – or – Fighting For Your Mind

If you read my post yesterday, you know I was sitting on the porch, reading a huge book. Well, not long after I posted that blog, I stopped reading the book. The author started to bring in some topics I don’t like to read. There are some things that just stick in my mind, and I don’t want them there. This isn’t the first book I’ve stopped reading, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

A lot has changed in what I put into my brain over the last few years. I completely cut out watching anything with nudity (it is shocking how much has nudity these days), I stopped watching all of the tv shows I used to watch – mostly for time, and some of the content. I found myself spending HOURS reading about the shows I watched, hours watching the shows. It gave me so much brain space, and time after I cut them out. Ha, and more time to read!

Every person’s mind is different. We all have things that we struggle with. I may forget what I ate for breakfast yesterday, but I remember scenes in movies, or passages in books for years. As an author, my mind is alive with stories constantly. I don’t want to feed the evil, negative, rotten parts of my brain. I want to feed the childlike, joy filled part of my brain. So if it means I have to put down the book, turn off the TV, walk out of the movie, or do extensive research before I read something, I will do it. The clarity is so important to me.

Have you ever put the book down?


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