Day 2309 – Who To Call When Your Computer Goes Haywire

I mentioned that I had a crazy computer day on Wednesday. Well, now is the time for the full story.

Ok, so I bought a great new PC laptop in January. My previous laptop did a great job for many years, but after seriously hampering my ability to work over Christmas vacation, I knew it was time to upgrade. Thanks to the insurance money from the truck, I was able to get it without worrying about the money. (Thank you God for providing what we need!)

My poor laptop had a rough start. But after getting the CD drive fixed, everything was working great for about 8-9 months. I’ve got a great mobile office setup going on. I can work from either of my clients’ homes or the library or Panera. It’s been working swimmingly.

Well, about a month ago, my laptop started acting funky. It would pop up menus, it would type when I wouldn’t want it to. It was just all around possessed. After an unsuccessful exorcism, I just tried to work with it. On Wednesday, I started a system restart…instead of working for two hours before a business meeting, like I intended to do, I sat staring at a progress screen. I posted on Facebook about my woes, made a side comment about converting to a Mac (don’t tell my laptop and desktop). In the comments that followed, I had a long time friend pipe in and say, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Hey, dude, why didn’t you just talk to me about this when it started….I am an IT guy.” So, I gave him a little blurb about the problem and said he’d be the first to know if I needed help.

Wellllllll, 52 minutes later, he got a nice long FB message from me. Throughout the rest of the day, this guy remotely logged in and checked things on my laptop. When things weren’t working later that night, he remotely logged in again and made some modifications. Thankfully (and this is the biggest reason why I needed a working laptop), Bret and I were able to watch The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead (dudes, I don’t know what y’all are talking about….last week’s episode was NOT boring….amazing acting and great story. Talking Dead was top notch too….)

Everything was wonderful and amazing and awesome…..until I went to try out my laptop again yesterday…AND here are the menus popping up again. Thankfully, my friend has room in his schedule to take a look at the innards of my messed up laptop….because this seems like an internal problem (but aren’t all our problems on the inside?)

So friends, if you are pulling your hair out over your computer woes, please reach out to Chris at Qtek Technologies. He works with residential folks and small businesses. He can do on site or remote work. His email is or you can call him at 410-206-8851. Let him know you heard about him from me!

Don’t worry little laptop (no….big laptop, sucker has a 17″ screen)….we’ll get those demons out of you soon.

Soon we’ll be hanging out in our favorite library without a care in the world…


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