Day 2091 – The Power Of The Written Word

The past few days I’ve been doing some spring cleaning of my folders. I FINALLY went through about 4 boxes of papers that needed filing and shredding. All that’s left is burning and recycling a few bags. In my search, I found a letter I had written to Bret while he was in Iraq. I read it again and was surprised to see that something I was struggling with back then (nearly 8 years ago), is something that I struggle with now – trusting that God will bring about the best for us. We’re walking through some things right now that are causing me to not trust that God has it under control. I keep asking God about it…are you sure? Are you sure? What do I do? But reading the letter reminded me that I will more than likely struggle with this the rest of my life. The situations will change, so it will feel like a new struggle, but the heart will stay the same – do I trust God?

It reminded me how important it is to write things down. If you want to experience growth, journaling, writing letters, blogging, whatever, is so helpful. Being able to see what you thought and were going through in the past can show you areas where you need to grow as well as showing you areas where you’ve grown by leaps and bounds.

What about you? What methods do you use to leave a legacy of your life? Do you journal? Do you blog? I’d love to know!


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