Day 2089 – Our Last Minute Road Trip

We found out early last week that Bret’s cousin would be wrestling in the 26th Annual NHSCA High School Nationals in Virginia Beach. After confirming a few things, we realized we could go!

Very early Saturday morning, 3:30 a.m. to be exact, we left our home to make the trip down.

Bret napped in the car, protected from the cold with blankets. Or at least tried to while I took pictures of him…


We arrived in Virginia Beach around 8 and what a beautiful sky welcomed us!


Once we said hello to Bret’s cousins, we took a walk down to the beach.


And then got breakfast from a delicious buffet!!


And here’s Bret’s cousin in the SEMIFINALS!





After the last match of the day, we made our way up to Fredericksburg for the night. Again, what a great sky to guide us! Ahhh. It was a beautiful day.



On the way home, we passed Quantico. One of these days we’ll go through the USMC museum together!


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