Day 2059 – Why You Should Try Other Things On the Menu

I’ve been eating at el Salto for about 13 years. On my first visit, I got a lunch special #5. I have since ordered a lunch special #5 for about 99% of my lunches….and the dinner special #27 (which is the same as the lunch except for an extra burrito) for 99% of my dinners. A few years back, I realized I could order extra shredded cheese (which is my FAVORITE thing on the menu). But I never strayed from my typical order. Never.

Yesterday, we wanted to feast. So we tried the nacho supreme appetizer. Never thought to try it. I mean, you get all you can eat chips and salsa…why pay for something more?

Well sir, after receiving and eating the nacho supreme, I now know why. Because it’s huge and freakin’ delicious! There was even oodles of melted cheese (same type as the shredded cheese). These nachos were so big, we honestly could have JUST eaten that. I had Bret hold up his hand to give them some scale.

So friends, try and order something new off the menu at your favorite restaurant next time….or take this to a deeper level and order something new off the menu of life. (ooooo, deep thoughts for a Sunday!) 🙂


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