Day 1917 – How Bret Losing His Job (In 2012!) Still Has An Impact On Us Today

When I try to figure out what to write about, I typically think through my day first….are we doing anything fun together? Am I doing anything interesting? Am I doing something photography and/or marriage related?

Today, I’m pretty much just prepping for a photo shoot for our March Madness winner….and I’m not going to lie, that’s pretty boring. I spend a few hours charging batteries, backing up images and clearing cards. *yawn*

I’m also trying to kick my to-do list’s butt….which, again, is boring stuff….like selling DVDs, redesigning my blog header, website updates and writing my book. Just. Not. Interesting.

So, when I’m stuck, one of the things I do is look over my lifetime stats and look at what have been the most popular posts. One of the highest is Bret’s guest post on losing his job.

I just reread it and am in awe of God’s goodness in our lives since then. Since that point, we have paid off our debt, shot a bunch of weddings, Bret finished college AND he got a job teaching. I can see how God had to break us of all our pride, all our reasons for trusting in ourselves. The only way we could look was up and we would never be the same.

While we struggle from time to time with trusting in God….our primary orientation is unwavering trust in God. He has cared for us before, how can we not trust in this or that circumstance? I think one of the biggest lessons I take away from this is documenting your journey. Whether it’s a blog, a journal or an Excel spreadsheet. Just keep track of the struggles and triumphs you’ve walked through.

What about you? How do you keep track? When was the last time you looked back?


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